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My world post Pepperdine Incorporating online discussion groups also increases the pool of community. Action Research and Team Teaching. Throughout this program, I have seen lives change, community grow, and deep and profound connections flourish.

Community was built and sustained for the duration we had agreed to. During the process, I often found myself in a dual role with my professional goals and responsibilities. A third potential avenue of on line community I would like to establish during this next school year, is to coordinate with other home based independent study teachers.

In discussing the group with several members of my Community of Practice, they were able to point out some significant changes in me and in the group that showed me it effectiveness, more so than I initially thought.

When working in a team, or as DeMarco phrases it, a symphony, I see greater results, deeper applications and more fluid understandings of new situations. Within these communities, shared learning and shared experience form leadership that is authentic and viable.

Specifically I would like to: Organized times of students coming together are infrequent. Throughout this program, I have seen lives change, community grow, and deep and profound connections flourish.

My world post Pepperdine In working with A Place For MeI witnessed a group of women who were not previously grouped together participate at high levels of depth and conversation. I believe that I have expereinced powerful effective community through changing my leadership from lecture driven, large group forums, to facilitative and reflective small groups that meet both online and face to face.

The addition of online groups allows me the opportunity to continue working with groups of women I have spoken to, even after I have left the geographical area. Being a co-learner gives others the permission to trust their own experience and knowledge as real and valid.

I have learned how to draw out women in a manner that allows them to feel safe to share. Every post was a positive step into a new world. From strategic instructional ideas to successfully complying with legal issues, there is a wide array of topics a community like this could dive into.

I have become much more aware of my teaching peers, and how we can collaborate together. Establishing myself as a learner in concert with them, has lowered the student's stress and raised interest in the subjects of study. Creating a shared story, developing a shared language, and artifacts unique to our place of work as teachers, creates a powerful relationship that fosters professional growth and greater learning environments for the students.

Being a co-learner gives others the permission to trust their own experience and knowledge as real and valid. And again, one of the members of my Community of Practice reminded me that prior to this experience, none of the women had participated in an online community."Reading Reflective Essay" Essays and Research Papers.

Reading Reflective Essay. Action Reading Reflective Paper Anissa Gaines EDU Karen Foster June 7, Action Reading 2 Learning to read is the most important thing a child will ever learn.

Action research reflection paper

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Action research in English Language Teaching is relatively a recent development which has been predominant in the literature in late s and early s.

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This essay explores the definitions, literature, benefits and challenges of action research as a method of teacher research in teacher education.

The purpose of this action research project is to enhance self‐reflective prac‐ tices among students as to their learning, and concurrently, among tutors as to their tutoring, to. A HOLISTIC VIEW OF ACTION RESEARCH Schön’s notion of reflective practice was a reaction against an instrumental notion of teaching where the teacher is a technician.

The framework this reflective essay will follow has been adapted from the work of Borton () Reach, Teach and Touch; along with Boud et al () Turning Experience into Learning.

A reflective essay is a piece of writing that basically involves your views and feelings about a particular subject.

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Reflective essay on action research
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