List and describe the five steps involved in planning a union drive and election

Steps to Form a Union

Make threats based on employee support of the union, including threats of discharge, layoffs, plant closure or discontinuing current benefits. Decertification can also occur if the employer received substantial evidence that the union no longer has the support of a majority of the bargaining unit.

Steps to Form a Union

Make It Your Union! This rule does not, however, prevent the Board from requiring a rerun election if it determines that the election was invalid, either because of the conduct of the parties or other reasons.

These will be discussed in detail at your weekly committee meetings.

The Five Basic Steps to Organizing a Union

You and your co-workers are now ready to see and feel first hand the benefits of belonging to a union. While the Board will almost always reject these objections on the ground that they have already been ruled upon, this enables the employer to raise these objections in the appellate court proceedings concerning the Board's decision in the unfair labor practice case.

A plan for highlighting the issues program in the workplace is carried out through various organizing campaign activities. Monday, February 4, - For the next seven years, the Board held the "intent to mislead" as an element of the standard" for setting aside an election.

In addition, an employer may be a successor, even if it does not hire any of its predecessor's employees, if it refused to hire them because of their union membership or activities. Legal challenges to the results[ edit ] While the Board will hear a party's appeal from a decision rejecting its objections to an election, there is no right to judicial review of the NLRB's decision.

NLRB election procedures

The NLRB will not accrete employees to an existing unit, however, if they have been historically excluded from the unit, no matter how strong the community of interest might be; in that case the union must obtain proof of majority support to add them to the unit.

Decertification elections are also subject to the same rules concerning improper campaign conduct as elections initiated by a union. The only appropriate bargaining unit for a decertification election is the currently existing unit, whether it is one created by the NLRB or one created or modified by the parties through collective bargaining.

Tell employees that the Company favors the principle that union membership should be voluntary and not compulsory. The ostensible purpose of this denial of direct judicial review is to expedite the determination of questions concerning union representation.

No matter where you work, Local One can represent your interests, and the process to forming a union begins the same way in any workplace.

They must also produce evidence that at least thirty percent of the unit supports decertification and are bound by the same "contract bar" rules as an outside union would be.

How to Organize

The same issue might arise within a single site: The Board less often conducts elections by mail ballot, usually in cases in which workers are widely dispersed.

UE will be with you every step of the way — helping with everything from organizing to negotiating your first contractThe Board requires an employer to provide the petitioning union with an "Excelsior list," which should contain the names and addresses of all unit employees, within seven days of the direction of an election.

Start studying government test 2. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Search. Ward is a unit is divided for the election of city council members, Precinct - the smallest unit of election administration.

List and describe 3 main areas in which political parties and interest groups differ. 1. With the shortened time frame between the filing of a union petition and an election, an employer should consider in advance of a union campaign the use of a video as part of its employee.

Describe the good features of working for your company, such as existing benefits, job security and steady work. Remind them that signing union authorization cards doesn’t mean they must vote for the union.

once a representation election is scheduled, NLRB rule requires employers to give the union a list of names and addresses of the employees eligible to vote in the election, must be provided within 7 days of the NLRB scheduling of an election. The Union Representation Election Process By Robert P.

Hunter, published on Aug. 24, After the union organizing drive has "peaked"—meaning that the union has secured the required number of signed employee authorization cards—a union representative will usually contact the employer to request recognition of the union's .

List and describe the five steps involved in planning a union drive and election
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