Kaziranga national park

Kaziranga National Park is solitary among the foremost National Parks on the earth and also famous as the wonderful wildlife destination of the North East India. There is a total of 35 mammalian species, out of which 15 are threatened.

Thousands of travelers from different part of the country and world come here every year to unlock the doors of diverse wildlife and scout the exquisiteness of the natural empire. Sprague de Camp wrote about the park in his poem, " Kaziranga, Assam ".

It is also recognized as a prominent birdlife area by Birdlife International for conserving varied species of birdlife.

Kaziranga National Park

Activities to do in Kaziranga National Park There is no improved mode to observe the forest flora and fauna than by taking an elephant safari. How to Reach Kaziranga National Park Kaziranga National Park, the famous reserve for rhinos can be easily accessed through all modes of transport so tourists from worldwide visit the park in large number every year, to experience the exotic wilderness of the park.

Also trekking into the forest reserves of Kaziranga is presently not allowed for the safety of its visitors. Apart from this, the park has been identified as an important bird area by Birdlife International Society as it is a home to various species of migrating and inhabitant birds.

Other than these there are limited options in terms of local food joints or Dhabas. These can be booked in advance from the online website link given.

The park also has several small water bodies.

Welcome to Kaziranga National Park & Tiger Reserve

The park has also been demarcated as an important bird area by the Birdlife International in order to promote the conservation of endangered species. The invasive water hyacinth is very common, often choking the water bodies, but it is cleared during destructive floods.

Init was again renamed as Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary by conservationist P. It is said that when Mary Curzon came to this park she was unable to sight even one single Rhino here. The national park is surrounded by the floodplains of River Brahmaputra that helps in the nourishment of the major plants, animals and bird species of this region.

A divisional Forest Officer is the administrative chief executive of the park. Fortunately around Kaziranga, one can find an ample number of nature getaways options like wildlife sanctuaries, parks for bird watching and hill stations.

Also, a good variety of aquatic flora can be seen in lakes, ponds, and along the river shores. Rivers of Kaziranga are also home to the endangered Ganges Dolphin. Common trees and shrubs are Albizia procera, Duabanga grandifloraLagerstroemia speciosaCrateva unilocularisSterculia urensGrewia serrulata, Mallotus philippensisBridelia retusaAphania rubra, Leea indicaand Leea umbraculifera.

An area of sq. The park also is home to several primates. Amidst the grasses, providing cover and shade are scattered trees—dominant species including kumbhiIndian gooseberrythe cotton tree in savanna woodlandsand elephant apple in inundated grasslands.

The western reaches of the park are dominated by grasslands. Regular flights operate from these airports connect the city with the major cities of the world and major Indian cities. Small mammals include the rare hispid haremongoosecivetpangolinand badgers.

The park is inhabited by major populations including 35 species of mammals, out of which 15 are considered as endangered species by the IUCN Red List. Kaziranga was declared as Kaziranga National Park in The journey to Kaziranga National is comfortable and easy provided you plan your trip well in advance and make preparations as required.Kaziranga National Park situated in Assam state of India, is a UNESCO world heritage sites of India and known for Great Indian one horned Rhinoceros.

Kaziranga National Park is one of the prides of India. Kaziranga is the place where the nature unwinds its pristine form in millions of hues, where wildlife roams fearlessly, where man. Best Dining in Kaziranga National Park, Nagaon District: See TripAdvisor traveler reviews of 6 Kaziranga National Park restaurants and search by cuisine, price, location, and more.

Kaziranga National Park situated in Assam state of India, is a UNESCO world heritage sites of India and known for Great Indian one horned Rhinoceros. Kaziranga National Park – a world heritage site, the park hosts two-thirds of the world’s Great One-horned rhinoceros. Kaziranga also boasts the highest density of tigers among the protected areas in the world and was declared a Tiger Reserve in Welcome to wildlife Kaziranga National Park India.

Kaziranga Wildlife National Park is a title of a remarkable success story of conservation of the One Horned Indian Rhinoceros and.

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Kaziranga national park
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