Intertextual writing a book

It is a possible, but not essential, intertextual relationship that if recognized, the connection will slightly shift the understanding of the text. An arrangement very similar to Dylan's but with different lyrics was a hit for Muddy Waters, who is also credited with writing the song.

The Book of M

Plagiarism[ edit ] "Intertextuality is an area of considerable ethical complexity". Superficially, the pages of both tend to convey information in similar ways: Architectural details from the Wolf Residence Unlike comics, architectural drawings cannot function as illustrations alone.

The pages ebb and flow, apparently populated semi-randomly with a holistic field of discreet panels as the main character comes and goes.

As an intertext, it employs quotations from the scriptures of the Abrahamic religions. Rather, this points to the fundamental difference between these two modes of visual communication: For example, when we read James Joyce 's Ulysses we decode it as a modernist literary experiment, or as a response to the epic tradition, or as part of some other conversationor as part of all of these conversations at once.

Horizontal intertextuality denotes references that are on the 'same level' i. A retelling of the Bhagavad Gita, set in during an epic golf game. As has been mentioned previously, one of the primary features of the comics page is a bias towards narrative momentum. Irwin laments that intertextuality has eclipsed allusion as an object of literary study while lacking the latter term's clear definition.

Plan Enlargements, Interior Elevations, and Details from the Wolf Residence These pages are laid out in a grid of discreet drawings, intertextual writing a book marked by an identification tag that marks the destination from the tags on the building-scale sheets.

This interconnected body extends to later poems and paintings that refer to Biblical narratives, just as other texts build networks around Greek and Roman Classical history and mythology. Ware often inserts these diagrams into and around the narrative in the least disruptive way possible; he tends to save the most elaborate ones for covers, endpapers, or frontispieces, while working the simpler ones into the body of the comic.

The study shows that the ensemble of documents used and produced at a hospital department can be said to form a corpus of written texts. As mentioned earlier, comics share some general organizational principles with architectural drawings: Is there an approach to reading architectural drawings that can be applied to comics?

I will also not be considering single-panel gag strips, as it is really the act of reading a page of comics that I am interested in for the purposes of this post.

Architectural drawings are not as intuitively understood.


Days after the rehearsals, recording sessions were held at Clinton Studios in Manhattan where the album was recorded digitally in roughly three weeks. Narrative in architecture does not come into play until the drawings are read, understood, and constructed; buildings are meant to be experienced in four dimensions, not two-dimensionally on paper.

A retelling of the Arthurian legends, set in Monterey, CA during the interwar period. Even the nomenclature "new" and "old" testament reframes the real context that the Jewish Torah had been usurped by followers of a new faith wishing to co-opt the original one. This generally involves the perception of time by the reader.

A page of details is a holistic field of drawings, with no one frame given more weight than any other; this allows the casual observer to jump in at any point and understand that part of the building, while simultaneously denying them the opportunity to construct a narrative from the panels.

Fell cited numerous direct parallels between lines from Ovid and those in four of Dylan's songs.

Angela Carter

Architectural drawings are not as intuitively understood. While the theoretical concept of intertextuality is associated with post-modernismthe device itself is not new. For example, Christensen [32] introduces the concept of intertextuality to the analysis of work practice at a hospital.

East of Eden by John Steinbeck: The distinctions between these types and those differences between categories are not absolute and exclusive but instead, are manipulated in a way that allows them to co-exist within the same text.

Reading Drawings: Architecture and Comics

The sequence of stories could be entered randomly and understood individually, though they would not allow the reader to perceive the whole without approaching the narrative a particular way chronologically, in this case.

Adaptations[ edit ] Many of the album's songs have roots in well-known older compositions, though in all cases, Dylan has given the songs new lyrics.

Reading Drawings: Architecture and Comics

Optional[ edit ] Optional intertextuality has a less vital impact on the significance of the hypertext. Perhaps this too stems from our childhoods, and our own artistic inability to accurately depict the world around us; with our unskilled hands, we can only illustrate an over-simplification of what we see with our eyes.

When using intertextuality, it is usually a small excerpt of a hypotext that assists in the understanding of the new hypertext's original themes, characters or contexts. This is not dissimilar from the progression from plan to detail in architectural drawings.

East of Eden by John Steinbeck:Nice post.


For that idilyc adaptation of Calvino´s Invisible Cities I think the perfect artist for it would be the late Guido Crepax. His body of work is notable in the aspect of building the story trough a system of panels in the page. In Across Property Lines: Textual Ownership in Writing Groups, Candace Spigelman investigates the dynamics of ownership in small group writing workshops, basing her findings on case studies involving two groups: a five-member creative writing group meeting monthly at a local Philadelphia coffee bar and a four-member college-level writing group meeting in their composition classroom.

Gordon spent five years writing his acclaimed biography of Carter and joined us to answer your questions about Carter’s thoughts on. Set in a dangerous near future world, The Book of M tells the captivating story of a group of ordinary people caught in an extraordinary catastrophe who risk everything to save the ones they love.

It is a sweeping debut that illuminates the power that memories have not only on the heart, but on the. This book is an invaluable resource for anyone's study of Romans 9. Abasciano's understanding of the manner in which the apostle Paul used Old Testament passages will aid the student of Scripture to rightly interpret the much-debated and weighty ninth chapter of the book to the Romans.

Intertextuality is the shaping of a text's meaning by another text. It is the interconnection between similar or related works of literature that reflect and influence an audience's interpretation of the text.

Intertextual writing a book
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